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Podcast Episode 33: Summer Pool Sickness

Beware: swimming pools can give you two straight weeks of diarrhea.  While hopefully none of you have experienced this personally, summertime outbreaks of Cryptosporidium are pretty standard in this day and age.  Dr. John tells us all about why these outbreaks occur and how to best avoid getting pool-induced-poo.  Murphy may never swim again (definitely not with his mouth open, […]

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Podcast Episode 31: Accidental Anthrax

This past week we saw another accidental shipment of live anthrax.  How do these accidents happen? Are they really all that dangerous? Dr. John and Murphy talk all about it. Also this week, a new study came out comparing the sex lives of Millennials and Baby-boomers.  Which generation is a little more free-wheeling? The answer might surprise you. In our […]

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