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Podcast Episode 25: Johns Hopkins in hot water, the MIND diet, and medical diet clinics

Johns Hopkins has been in hot water this past week over experiments in Guatemala in the 1940’s and 50’s.  The school is being sued for $1 billion for allegedly being involved in deliberate infection of Guatemalans with STDs.  What’s going on? Dr. John and Murphy talk about the allegations and how medical ethics have changed over the past 50+ years. […]

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Podcast Episode 21: Bidets and Space Seeds

This past week, news headlines came out telling you how not to raise narcissistic kids.  What do the studies actually show?  Also this week, a study out of Australia claims that homeopathic treatments don’t actually work.  Dr. John and Murphy tell you all about it. Our trade secret this week is all about bidets.  Ever wondered why so many Europeans […]

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